Local firms move with caution ahead of joint EU gas purchases

Local electricity producers, suppliers and traders are examining final details in preparation for a first round of joint EU natural gas purchases ahead of next winter, through a related platform launched today.

The platform, AggregateEU, a joint purchasing service designed to facilitate common natural gas purchases as a means of keeping prices lower by preventing bidding rivalry between companies based in fellow EU member states, will remain open to applications for a week, until May 2.

In comments to energypress, officials of companies intending to place orders through the platform said they remain cautious and are seeking clarification on various details, including commitments and the extent of potential benefits, or more specifically, price levels that can be achieved through joint orders compared to prices if ordering alone.

In any case, local companies will seek to contribute to the initiative’s common European gas orders.

The Greek energy ministry held a related meeting towards the end of January to discuss the initiative with market players. Energy company officials representing power utility PPC, DEPA Commercial, Mytilineos, Elpedison, Heron and Prometheus Gas, as well as EVIKEN, the Association of Industrial Energy Consumers, took part.

EU authorities plan to stage common gas purchases every two months over the next year.