Lignite plants at the first line of defense against a Russian gas stoppage

In the case that Russian gas supplies are stopped to Greece the energy regulator plans to enhance power production through lignite plants, as part of its emergency plan, which has been submitted for consultation.
During a meeting with the prime minister last week, it was decided that lignite plants will double their production in that eventuality and reach 10 TWh in the following 12 months from 5 TWh today. These TWh are equal to 20% of Greece’s annual power consumption.
Furthermore, the plan includes the storing of natural gas in Italy, according to European guidelines included in the REPower EU plan. Quantities will reach 1.7-1.8 TWh from October and for a period of five months.
The regulator’s plan also includes fuel switching in the five natural gas plants that are able to do that. Another measure is to take advantage of the LNG terminal in Revythoussa, which has now another floating terminal.