Letters of guarantee help limit RES bids, stricter property rules not needed

Energy authorities have decided to defer a plan for stricter property ownership regulations concerning prospective RES project applications as the energy ministry deems the introduction of letters of guarantees worth 35,000 euros per MW required to accompany applications is proving effective in the effort to cool down the overheated RES market.

Just 127 applications (representing 960 MW) for RES producer certificates, an early step in the RES licensing procedure, were submitted to the October cycle, sharply down from 743 for 17.45 GW lodged in the previous cycle, in June.

The energy ministry is currently preparing a second round of RES licensing simplification measures, to soon be forwarded for public consultation. Its details are not expected to differ greatly compared an initial proposal prepared by the ministry.

Stricter property ownership regulations have been considered to help resolve RES market overheating as a number of applications lodged have ended up being entangled in overlapping property disputes.