Privatizations, energy-climate plan the focus of technocrats

A team of technocrats representing the country’s lenders and currently in Athens for preliminary talks with local officials ahead of next week’s arrival of creditor representatives for work leading to a progress report have already made clear the issues of greatest concern for the lenders.

The visiting technocrats are focusing on the completion of energy market reforms; bailout-required privatizations, namely the main power utility PPC’s disinvestment of lignite units and the progress of gas utility DEPA’s sale; market liberalization and correction measures, such as the target model and NOME auctions; as well as the progress of RES auctions for new renewable energy facility installations.

In an unexpected development, the technocrats have also turned their attention to the delayed National Energy and Climate Plan until 2030. The plan has been criticized by various local market officials, including PPC, for possessing numerous contradictions, gaps and ambiguities.

Next week’s post-bailout meetings between Greek officials and lender representatives will play a crucial role in the preparation of a new progress report to be published next month.