Latest NOME price, slightly lower, helpful but not enough

The NOME auction price established at yesterday’s first session of the year, down slightly to 41.45 euros per MWh from 45.20 euros per MWh reached at the previous session last October, promises some help for independent electricity suppliers but is not enough to generate major impetus in the effort being made to  open up the country’s retail electricity market, auction participants have generally agreed in comments offered to energypress.

Though still relatively high, the latest NOME auction price set yesterday, in what was the year’s first of four sessions, will offer some leeway for independent electricity suppliers, especially those active in the mid-voltage category, who, in recent times, have battled amid loss-incurring market conditions.

However, the 41.45 euros per MWh price set yesterday offers independent suppliers minimal leeway to shape attractive pricing policies that could help them gain part of the lion’s share maintained by PPC, the main power utility.

Even so, given the sizeable electricity amounts to be offered at three NOME auctions to follow this year, yesterday’s session represents a promising start.

A total of 400 MW/h was offered yesterday. Equivalent amounts will also be offered at two ensuing auctions, scheduled for April 18 and June 18, while a larger amount of 511 MW/h is planned for the year’s final session, scheduled for October 17.

Protergia was the biggest buyer at yesterday’s session, purchasing 90 MWh/h, energypress was informed. Heron followed with 60 MWh/h, NRG was third with 55 MWh/h, Elpedison ranked fourth with 40 MWh/h, ELTA was next with 40 MWh/h, Watt + Volt bought 35 MWh/h, KEN acquired 20 MWh/h, Volterra bought 13 MWh/h, Volton bought 10 MWh/h, EPA Attiki acquired 10 MWh/h, and Zenith bought 5 MWh/h.