Latest deadline for digital power meters tender nearing

Following a series of eight deadline extensions, an international tender for equipment supply and installation of a first round of 200,000 digital electricity power meters around the country, staged by HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, is set to expire in nine days.

According to sources, no more than four companies, these being Intracom Telecom, Intrasoft International, Microdata and Ericsson, are expected to submit bids for the 86.5 million-euro project, whose deadline expires on October 21.

However, given the number of deadline extensions already granted to participants, resulting from the need for technical revisions and clarifications, a further deadline extension cannot be ruled out.

The tender was launched fifteen months ago, in July, 2014, following public consultation procedures that had begun in December, 2013.

GSM/GPRS/3G technology is expected to be used at some of the new power meters to be installed at households, small businesses and small-scale production facilities.

Prime PLC technology has yet to be thoroughly tested in Greece. Tests conducted in the past by PPC, the main power utility, on HEDNO’s distribution network were not successful. The tender’s winning  bidder will need to take on the risk of testing this technology in real conditions.

The new power meters will allow consumers to monitor consumption patterns as far back as 24 months and adjust accordingly for increased efficiency.