LAGIE files legal action against IPTO for unpaid receivables

A legal team at LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator, has filed a case against IPTO, the power grid operator, for unpaid receivables stemming from the RES special account, ultimately relayed to renewable energy producers, energypress sources have informed.

LAGIE also intends to soon file a second case against another operator, HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator. This second case is being prepared by a legal associate as the LAGIE legal team, manned by just two persons, could not handle both tasks at once.

LAGIE decided to take legal action against IPTO and HEDNO in late January, roughly six months after its board had issued an initial warning. Besides the delayed payments, LAGIE will make an unprecedented demand and seek interest covering payment delays stretching back five years.

According to reports, IPTO owes LAGIE a total of 575 million euros, while HEDNO is believed to be owed 125 million euros by IPTO.

Two solar energy associations, SPEF and PSAF, are expected to testify at the hearings in support of LAGIE.

IPTO, a subsidiary of the main power utility PPC, claims its payment delays to HEDNO are the result of related outstanding payments it is owed by the utility. IPTO action against PPC has not been ruled out.

The total amount owed by PPC to IPTO and HEDNO, according to their respective annual results, exceeds 1.2 billion euros.