Lafazanis reiterates call for solid Greek role in TAP’s construction

Production Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis has requested that all possibilities be examined to secure increased participation by Greek companies in the construction of TAP (Trans-Adriatic Pipeline), the infrastructure project to supply Azeri natural gas to Europe via Greece and the Southern Corridor, in a letter forwarded to the TAP consortium’s president of the board, John Attrill.

The minister had made a similar appeal about a fortnight ago during a meeting with the pipeline’s country manager in Greece, Rikard Scoufias.

“Considering that the pipeline’s largest segment will be built on Greek terrain, we consider it a given that Greek companies, primarily, will be prefered and selected for the pipeline’s construction and related projects, as well as for the supply of required equipment,” Lafazanis notes in his letter. “We believe that such a course will contribute to the project’s acceptance by local communities and will ensure, to great degree, society’s faith and positive stance towards the project.”

Lafazanis also pledged to look into major VAT return delays, which could place Greek companies in disadvantageous positions during the selection process for project sub-contracts.

Despite EU and US concerns, the Greek government, as part of its declared intention for a multi-dimensional energy policy, is expressing its support for the development of “Turkish Stream”, Russian’s latest pipeline proposal for natural gas supply to Europe via the Southern Corridor.