Land shortage stifling PV development despite interest

The country’s recently launched RES auctions have sparked renewed investor interest, especially among major-scale players, in the renewable energy sector but potential growth is being subdued by difficulties in finding land for solar energy park installations.

The lack of land availability for RES project development can be mainly attributed to a law ratified back in 2011 that does not permit RES installations at plots regarded as being highly fertile.

Prior to this law’s introduction, RES installations at such plots were permitted under the condition that they would not occupy more than one percent of cultivated land.

Local and foreign energy companies have recently been combing the market for PV licenses with the highest possible maturity level, sources have informed.

This trend is expected to be made particularly clear at RES auctions offering capacities next year. The most recent auction and a forthcoming session scheduled for December have primarily concerned RES projects long completed.