Labour Minister: No cutbacks in pensions and social insurance

“Government’s stable efforts to defend Greece’s interests and to reach a mutually acceptable deal is want defines the possibilities for an agreement,” Labour Minister Panos Skourletis on Monday stated to VIMA FM.

Skourletis said that “we have reached a point that the European political authority must show on its part that it understands the cruciality of the moment. We have said many times that the impasse is not only for the one side but for both sides. I believe that this will lead to more mature thoughts and to a mutually beneficial agreement. Yes, common sense will prevail.”

Asked on the social security and the pensions, Labour Minister said “there will be no cutbacks neither on supplementary nor on main pensions. That is, I believe, our basic stable point and consider it as a fact. At least in terms of our intentions.” Regarding the participation of the IMF, Skourletis noted “deadlines exist, but you are aware that they can be extended.”