Kardia IV unit repaired, dwindling operational time left a concern

The main power utility PPC’s Kardia IV power station unit in the country’s north is now up and running again following the completion of repair work to damages caused last January. The damage left the facility sidelined for six months.

Kardia IV was relaunched just a few days ago following extensive testing at full capacity, measuring 305 MW.

Russian company Power Machines was hired by PPC as a technical consultant for the unit’s repair. An old turbine needed to be repositioned as part of the repair process.

The unit’s return is expected to cover the telethermal needs of the nearby provincial city Ptolemaida next winter. The city’s telethermal needs depend on the Kardia power station’s units  III and IV.

The Kardia IV lignite-fired unit has approximately 9,500 hours of operational time remaining, while Kardia V has 12,000 to go before withdrawal.

An application submitted by PPC and local official to the European Commission for an extension to the power station’s life span has yet to be approved.