JinkoSolar to launch Swan bifacial panel based on premium mono technology

JinkoSolar’s first bifacial panel with a transparent backsheet, Swan, is about to be officially launched at Intersolar EU, which, the company anticipates is likely to be one of the most powerful panels available in the market, it has announced.

The competition to deliver 430 watt through a Cheetah 158” mono wafer is shaping up to be a fierce one. It won’t be long before all of the major markets will start a shift towards a premium mono solution, JinkoSolar noted.

The Cheetah 60 cell module and its 158” premium mono technology enables it to deliver up to 325Wp within a similar size, which is much more powerful compared to its previous generations, conventional mono or poly module of 275Wp.

With a higher power peek , Cheetah enables lower LCOE, higher IRR and a generally more stable experience under unfavorable shading condition.

With the global market continuing to shift towards premium mono, Cheetah will be a whole lot more efficient and reliable to compete, JinkoSolar noted in its statement.