Jinko Solar at forefront of global solar industry with 12.8% market share

Chinese module manufacturer Jinko Solar captured 12.8 percent of the solar manufacturing industry’s global market in 2018, having shipped 11.6 GW of its modules to international markets.

Second in line was JA Solar (8.8 GW), followed by Trina Solar (8.1 GW). Jinko Solar topped the list as market leader for a second successive year, In 2017, Jinko was ranked first with 9.7 GW of shipments, followed by Trina Solar (9.1 GW) and JA Solar (7.5 GW).

Ankit Mathur, practice head of power at GlobalData noted: “JinkoSolar has shown great character in holding its leading position by managing supply at a time when the Chinese government slashed incentives.”

“The core reason for its victory is the diversification of business in overseas markets, rather than limiting itself to the local market,” the official added.