Island hybrid station remuneration level and method recalculated

The energy ministry is currently preparing a new remuneration system for hybrid stations on non-interconnected islands, as well as revised payment levels.

Though the ministry’s proposal is expected to take into account the recommendations of a related RAE (Regulatory Authority for Energy) study, it should differ greatly.

The proposal, as promised by the ministry’s secretary-general Alexandra Sdoukou, will undergo public consultation before a new pricing framework for hybrid stations is approved. The European Commission will also need to endorse any new system.

Besides helping recoup investment costs, the new framework is intended to secure the lowest possible costs for consumers.

The new system will not feature any capacity or technology restrictions and will concern all non-interconnected islands, regardless of whether these will remain autonomous or be interconnected.

Figures are being recalculated at the energy ministry as the remuneration levels of investments will represent a key part of the proposal.

The consultation process could take place before the end of this year, according to sources.

Meanwhile, RAE has tasked the National Technical University of Athens with updating an older study on energy storage needs for the Greek grid ahead of the government’s ambitious 2030 RES targets and decision to strongly promote RES installations.