IPTO board, shaping up for the future, makes series of decisions

The board at IPTO, Greece’s power grid operator, has taken a series of strategic decisions, including moves concerning managerial posts at a number of divisions, the operator’s chief executive Manos Manousakis has announced.

As of today, Xinghua Shi, IPTO’s deputy chief, will supervise the information and telecommunications, system maintenance, and asset management divisions.

Giannis Margaris, the general manager and vice president of the board, will head divisions tasked with handling new projects, strategy and system development, and research and development.

Fellow general manager Giannis Kabouris will supervise divisions handling operational matters and system inspection, infrastructure and market management.

Chief financial officer Dayong Sun will supervise the finance and accounting services department, as well as the supply management division.

The IPTO board also decided to extend a voluntary retirement offer to employees, described by Manousakis, the operator’s chief executive, as part of “an initial bunch of decisions concerning the company’s future”.

Staff members eligible for retirement but still working will be offered remuneration packages worth 35,000 euros, net, for voluntary retirement according to the offer. Employees will maintain the right to reject the offer and keep working, Manousakis explained.

The CEO noted that the current average age of IPTO employees is 52 and will rise to 55 without young recruits.

According to Manousakis, these decisions, made at yesterday’s board meeting, aim to modernize IPTO by making the enterprise more flexible for greater challeges expected in the future, and also “protect the rights of employees, their salaries and work conditions.”

IPTO is expected to play a key role in the development of various interconnection projects needed in the near future.