IPTO binding offers within weeks, PPC head official tells conference

Binding offers by candidates in the international tender procedure for the sale of a 66 percent equity share in IPTO, Greece’s Independent Power Transmission Operator – locally referred to as ADMIE – are expected to be submitted within the next few weeks, Arthuros Zervos, CEO at PPC, the Public Power Corporation, told an Athens conference today.

The PPC head, who delivered a speech at a Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce event on the Greek economy, told participants that PPC, the parent company of IPTO, had revised its business plan and made investments worth one billion euros to restructure costs.

Speaking not long before market revisions will be implemented in Greece’s electricity market, Zervos noted that a regulatory environment leading to full liberalization in a fair way is absolutely necessary and needs to be taken into account when upcoming decisions are made.