Investor participation limited for first RES auction in 1½ yrs

Participation at an upcoming RES auction, the country’s first in one-and-a-half years, will be limited, despite the growing interest in green energy investments, a provisional list of auction participants just released by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has shown.

RES investors behind 34 projects with a total capacity of approximately 944.5 MW will seek to secure tariffs at the auction, scheduled for September 6. One application was rejected after failing to meet a guarantee payment deadline.

Given the auction’s rules, RES projects representing a total of 525 MW will secure tariffs at this September auction.

Its participation level is down approximately 50 percent compared to the previous RES auction, held in May, 2021, a session that was dominated by solar energy units.

Sector officials have named low starting bid levels set for solar and wind energy units as one of the factors behind the upcoming auction’s limited turnout, noting these levels do not reflect increased project costs, driven considerably higher by steep equipment price increases.

A starting bid level of 54 euros per MWh has been set for solar energy units, while the starting bid level for wind energy units is 63 euros per MWh. PV investors underlined investments cannot be sustainable at such levels.