Interconnected PV capacity edges up in March, stagnancy elsewhere

The country’s interconnected photovoltaic systems registered a capacity increase, while non-interconnected photovoltaics and all other renewable energy source (RES) categories remained stagnant in March, latest data provided by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator, has shown.

More specifically, wind-energy capacity remained unchanged at 1,664.12 MW, as did hydropower capacity, at 219.75 MW, biomass-biogas units, at 47.44 MW, and combined heat and power (CHP) capacity, at 100.07 MW.

The capacity level of interconnected photovoltaic systems rose modestly in March to 2,092.06 MW from 2,091.82 MW in February. On the contrary, overall contracted photovoltaic capacity remained steady at 3,082 MW.

Interconnected roof-mounted photovoltaic capacity edged up to 350.46 MW in March from 350.43 MW a month earlier, the LAGIE data showed. Also, non-interconnected roof-mounted photovoltaic capacity reached 24.29 MW in March from 24.27 MW in February.