RAAEY initiatives aimed at informing, protecting consumers

Two new initiatives taken by RAAEY, the Regulatory Authority for Waste, Energy and Water, its publication of a first retail electricity market report, to be updated monthly, and the launch of a new website section offering useful advice to consumers, aim to intensify competition between electricity suppliers, to the benefit of consumers, and also offer consumer protection, the authority’s energy-division deputy, Dimitris Fourlaris, has told energypress in an interview.

Publishing statistics on the electricity supply sector, through the retail report, is very useful in opening up the market and will also contribute to the provision of innovative products for consumers, the RAAEY official explained, adding that the authority also intends to begin publishing retail reports covering the natural gas market.

Consumers lodged roughly 13,500 complaints to suppliers last year, Fourlaris pointed out. The purpose of RAAEY’s new website section is to offer consumers useful tips and keep them informed so that complaints may be prevented before they arise, he added.

The public’s response to consumer-protection tools already developed by RAAEY has been high, while an improved price-comparison tool will soon be launched, the authority’s deputy informed.