Industry’s development should become a national target, said Dep. Econ Minister Tzakri

The development of the industrial sector should become a national target if we want at some point to leave from the vicious circle of the memoranda and of the neoliberal European economic subordination, noted Deputy Economy Minister Theodora Tzakri in statements within the framework of the first meeting of the forum for the industry.
Addressing an Industrial Forum, bringing together representatives from the state and all productive classes, Tzakri said the forum aimed to become the main consultation body between the state and all productive and social partners to draft a plan for the recovery of the industrial sector.
The minister also underlined that “now we know that we are alone in Europe, now that we know that it is a ground of extreme nationally economic competitiveness we will slowly build policies that will take advantage of the European framework and will give a productive and growth breather to our country”.
The forum will seek to attract recommendations to deal with all crucial issues related with Greek industry and to form working groups to drafting an action plan, such as a group of determining the dynamic sectors of the industry able to create stable job positions and compete internationally, a group to link innovation with industry, a group to support small- and medium-sized enterprises, a group to save energy and to seek a cut in energy cost, a group of funding tools-attracting direct foreign investments for the support of the manufacturing sector, a group of business environment to deal with the lifting of administrative hurdles, improving licensing procedures, market supervision.
Each working group will submit its recommendations by the end of February.