Industrialists call for return of excessive gas distribution fee

Energy-intensive industrial enterprises are calling for a return of amounts paid from August, 2015 to the present day as a result of a sharp natural gas distribution surcharge hike, from 1.5 euros to 4 euros per MWh, which resulted from Greece’s third bailout agreement.

The surcharge hike had sparked a strong reaction from EVIKEN, the Association of Industrial Energy Consumers, which, through a series of announcements and letters, condemned the move as one made to finance the compensation of the country’s three EPA gas supply companies for the premature end to their regional monopolies.

A new policy decided on by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, will reduce the gas distribution surcharge for energy-intensive industries to levels below the 1.5 euros per MWh charged prior to the sharp hike.

Certain industrial enterprises are now calling for a retroactive return of excessive amounts – the difference between the 4 euros per MWh charged and the new RAE-endorsed rate – paid since August, 2015.

Officials at these industrial enterprises believe cross subsidization practices have taken place during this period, noting that the excessive amounts should be offset.

Besides the number of industrial enterprises seeking returns, EVIKEN has also prepared a statement backing the demand.