Industrial firms back RAE in its legal dispute with PPC

A group of major industrial enterprises have offered their legal support to RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, following legal action taken by PPC, the Public Power Corporation, to challenge a decision made by the authority to penalize the main power utility for its industrial consumer pricing policies and handling of emission right costs. The industrial companies submitted their support of RAE over the matter to the Athens Administrative Court of Appeals.

In addition, a series of upcoming hearings will look into the legality of Public Service Compensation (YKO) surcharges included on industrial consumer electricity bills, following legals suits filed by industrial enterprises.

Also, based on recent decisions made by RAE, compensation claims have been made by industrial comsumers, citing PPC’s abuse of its dominant market position and its effects on the power utility’s pricing policy for industrial enterprises.

The series of legal developments can be linked to ongoing negtiations between industrial consumers and PPC over its current pricing policy for the industrial sector. No progress appears to have been made.

As has been previously reported by energypress, most major-scale industrial consumers have already forwarded letters to PPC requesting talks for the establishment of exclusive pricing policies for industrial consumers based on their individual energy-related profiles.

PPC has legally disputed the legality of a series of decisions made by RAE concerning PPC infringments in its pricing policy for the industrial sector. Following legal action taken by the law firm Metaxas & Associates on behalf of industrial consumers, RAE demanded individual pricing policies from PPC for major-scale industrial enterprises. The authority also imposed a hefty 4.4 million-euro fine on PPC for infringement of regulatory obligations and abuse of its dominant market position with regards to electricity supply.