Industrial electricity demand registers first-half increase

High-voltage electricity consumption in Greece registered a considerable first-half demand increase, compared to the equivalent period in 2016, rising by a total of 128 GWh, according to data provided by IPTO, the country’s power grid operator.

Electricity demand in the industrial sector showed increased for every single month durng the current year’s first half, compared to the equiavalent months a year earlier, the data showed.

High-voltage electricity consumption in January reached 575 GWh, up from 557 in January, 2016; February’s figure rose to 554 GWh from 545 GWh; the March figure increased to 632 GWh from 612 GWh; industrial electricity demand in April went up to 603 GWh from 586 GWh; reached 646 GWh in May from 611 GWh, and 622 GWh in June from 593 GWh in June last year.