Independent firms hold over 30% of mid-voltage market

Though some 136,000 of the country’s roughly seven million power meter connections are now supplied by independent electricity firms, representing just 2 percent, the actual quantitative amount reaches a much higher 12.01 percent market share as the independent firms are generally supplying larger-scale consumers. Highlighting this detail, over 30 percent of Greece’s medium-voltage consumers are supplied by independent electricity firms.

Market data for November, provided by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator, showed that Elpedison supplies 51,300 power meter connections, of which 50,900 concern low-voltage consumption and 330 the medium voltage category.

Protergia ranked second among the independent firms, supplying 37,300 meters, 36,600 of these in the low-voltage category and 640 in the medium-voltage category.

Watt & Volt followed with 21,500 power meters supplying 21,400 low-voltage consumers and 62 medium-voltage consumers.

Heron is next on the list with 14,100 power meters (13,400 in low-voltage and 672 in medium voltage).

Green was listed as supplying 4,200 power meters (4,100 low-voltage and 70 medium-voltage).

NRG supplied 2,900 power meters (2,700 low-voltage and 174 medium-voltage).

Volterra followed with 2,700 power meters (2,600 low-voltage and 92 medium-voltage).

OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications) came next with 1,700 power meters, all medium-voltage connections. ELTA (Hellenic Post) supplied 650 power meters (639 low-voltage and 11 medium-voltage). Titan Cements supplied 25 power meters (3 low-voltage and 22 medium-voltage).