Marginal gain for independent suppliers in July to 9.74%

The country’s independent electricity suppliers made just a marginal market share gain of 0.18 percent in July to capture 9.74 percent, slightly up from June’s figure of 9.56 percent.

Latest data provided by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator, showed that Greece’s main power utility PPC holds a 90.26 percent market share.

Broken down into voltage-based categories, PPC holds a 60.31 market share in the low-voltage category, 19.02 percent share in the medium-voltage category, and a 10.92 percent share in the high-voltage category.

As for the independent suppliers, Heron leads the pack with a 2.7 percent market share, 0.75 percent of this representing low voltage, 1.95 percent medium voltage and just 0.01 percent high voltage, obviously the company’s own consumption.

Protergia follows with 2.34 percent (0.62 percent low voltage and 1.71 percent medium voltage).

Elpedison is next with a 2.22 percent overall market share (0.01 percent high voltage, 1.05 percent low voltage and 1.17 percent medium voltage).

NRG Trading is ranked fourth among the independent suppliers with a 0.73 percent market share (0.22 percent low voltage and 0.52 percent medium voltage).

Volterra follows with a 0.55 percent share, all in the medium voltage category).

Watt + Volt is next with 0.54 percent (0.47 percent low voltage and 0.07 percent medium voltage).

Green completes the list with 0.41 percent (0.22 percent low voltage and 0.19 percent medium voltage).