Independent supplier gains steady in October, despite new clients

Recent market share gains by independent suppliers appear to have remained stagnant in October despite the addition of roughly 10,000 new clients from the main power utility PPC, mostly in the low-voltage category.

The rapid market share gains achieved by independent suppliers over the past couple of months, up to a level of around 12 percent, collectively, were mostly attributed to the medium-voltage category, where consumption levels are substantial, market officials told energypress. This sub-category is now almost saturated, they added.

Competition has now largely shifted to between independent suppliers as clients are switching from one independent player to another.

As a result, independent suppliers are now turning their attention to the low-voltage retail market, but new low-voltage clients, consuming less, make less impact on market share gains.

Without a doubt, low-voltage clients will represent the main target market for independent suppliers in the immediate future.

Low-priced electricity purchases secured by independent suppliers through last month’s first NOME auction have yet to be converted into greater market share gains. However, a stronger momentum in this direction is soon expected to become apparent.

The overall market share of PPC’s rival independent suppliers reached 11.93 percent in September, up from 10.17 percent in August.

PPC’s market share, down to 88.07 percent in September from 89.83 percent in August, was comprised of a 56.45% share in the low-voltage category, 17.8% in the medium-voltage category and 13.82 percent in the high-voltage category.