Alternative suppliers fail to gain ground despite campaigns

The country’s alternative independent electricity suppliers, seeking to capture increased shares of Greece’s electricity retail market as a result of main power utility PPC’s bailout-related requirement to drastically reduce its virtually monopolistic dominance, failed to gain any ground in November, remaining steady at a total of 5.7 percent, despite the launch of heightened promotional campaigns, especially by the three biggest challengers, Elpedison, Heron, and Protergia.

PPC held on to a 94.3 percent share of the electricity retail market in November, which, if broken down, concerns 61.5 percent for low-voltage consumption, 19.3 percent for medium-voltage consumption, and 13.5 percent for high-voltage consumption, according the latest data provided by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator.

Elpedison registered a 1.5 percent market share for November, comprised of a 0.78 percent share in the low-voltage category, 0.70 percent share in the medium-voltage bracket, and 0.02 percent share of the high-voltage market.

Heron’s share registered 1.95 percent, of which 0.6 percent concerns the low-voltage category, 1.33 percent the medium-voltage category, and 0.02 percent the high-voltage bracket.

Protergia’s market share measured 1.15 percent, made up of a 0.35 percent share in the low-voltage bracket and 0.79 percent in the medium-voltage bracket.

Green held a 0.25 percent share, all of which concerns low-voltage supply. Volterra also registered a 0.25 percent market share, all concerning medium-voltage supply. Watt + Volt also registered a 0.25 percent share, 0.21 percent representing low-voltage supply and 0.04 percent medium-voltage supply. NRG Trading’s market share measured 0.35 percent, 0.11 percent of this in the low-voltage bracket and 0.25 percent in the medium-voltage bracket.