ESAI producers group troubled by interconnection delays

ESAI, the Hellenic Association of Independent Power Producers, locally acronymed HAIPP, remains concerned by power grid operator IPTO’s ten-year plan, despite various improvements, including greater detail, following the association’s intial expression of concern a few months ago.

ESAI is concerned by what it sees as a discoordination issue concerning the wider Athens-Crete electricity system interconnection, a project planned to be finalized by 2023, and the inclusion of Crete’s entire electricty demand into the system in 2025.

The association is also troubled by delays concerning all other interconnection projects to link the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea with the mainland, except for the Paros, Naxos and Mykonos island projects.

The finalization of the interconnection projects concerning these three islands, located relatively closer to the mainland, is expected by 2019.