Income, consumption criteria seen for new power subsidies

The government’s energy sector officials are considering to introduce income and energy consumption criteria for subsidized electricity to household consumers from January onwards, given the clear signs of the energy crisis’ continuation in the first quarter of 2022.

The subsidy plan remains unclear at this stage as the government officials have yet to decide on the number of consumers that will be eligible for the new subsidy support program.

The government offered households electricity subsidies worth 39 euros per month from September to December, but, for the time being, has only been able to compensate suppliers for the resulting reduced electricity bill amounts for the three-month period to November.

Electricity suppliers are expected to receive compensation for December’s subsidies next June, the government has informed.

Under the new subsidy plan, the government, sources said, will either set strict criteria making eligible approximately 50 percent of consumers – lower-income households – or looser criteria for subsidies to about 80 percent of consumers, in which case, subsidies will be lower for all.