If all sides are eager, differences can be bridged, say gov’t sources

Government sources on Wednesday gave clarifications on the last proposal of the Greek government to the institutions, a few hours before the Tsipras-Merkel-Hollande meeting. “The initial position of the Greek government was 0.5 pct surplus in 2015 and 1.5 pct in 2016. The institutions’ position, as we understand it, is a 1 pct surplus in 2015 and 2 pct in 2016. In our most recent proposal early on Tuesday, we referred to a surplus of 0.75 percent for 2015 and 1.75 percent for 2016. The government tried to cover the difference between the proposals.” The same sources said that two ministers and a team remain in Brussels awaiting for a formal response from the institutions. They also expressed optimism over “bridging the remaining differences effectively in a short time, if all sides are willing and able to do so in this direction.”