Hydropower grid input crucial under current conditions

Greater reliance on power utility PPC’s hydropower plants is proving to be a crucial grid-sufficiency move under the current conditions, combining deeper RES penetration and lower energy demand, a higher-risk situation should demand rise, as is expected in coming days.

According to sources, power grid operator IPTO has called for greater hydropower coverage of the country’s energy mix to secure grid stability. Though this is not a new approach, greater usage of hydropower, an energy source offering flexibility to the system, has been deemed as necessary under the current conditions.

The low-demand period is expected to rise sharply during the Greek Easter break this coming weekend, putting the grid to the test.

However, officials need to carefully manage the country’s hydropower plants so that water levels are kept at satisfactory levels ahead of summer. Rainfall is forecast to be mild over the next month and a half. Current hydropower usage has exceeded levels that had been initially anticipated by PPC, but reservoir levels remain at desired levels, sources informed.