Household electricity subsidies cut by €10/MWh for February

Electricity subsidies for consumption in February will be reduced by 10 euros per MWh, compared to the previous month, following a drop in January’s average wholesale electricity price to 227.30 euros per MWh from 235.38 euros in December, high-ranking government officials have decided, according to energypress sources.

Natural gas subsidies to be offered for February will be maintained at 20 euros per MWh for households, while subsidies for business and industrial consumers will be trimmed to 20 euros per MWh from 30 euros per MWh in January, the sources informed.

An official announcement for February’s energy subsidies to be offered by the government could be made today.

In cases of multiple property ownership, electricity subsidies will only apply for one property, the primary residence.

For households, the first 150 KWh of monthly electricity consumption will be subsidized 15o euros per MWh. Monthly consumption between 151 and 300 KWh will be subsidized at a rate of 110 euros per MWh.

All business-related electricity consumption (farming, businesses, industry) will be subsidized at a flat rate of 65 euros per MWh, unchanged from the January offer.

Natural gas subsidies will remain unchanged at 20 euros per MWh for all consumers and will cover all consumption.