Heron, seeking improved retail presence, plans 15 outlets in 12 months

Energy retailer Heron plans to have established a retail network of 15 company-owned outlets, three of these in Athens, the others throughout Greece, over the next twelve months, company officials have announced.

The plan reflects a wider market trend through which the country’s independent suppliers are opening stores of their own rather than relying on retail outlet collaborations with other firms, primarily mobile telephony companies, for market exposure.

Greek market consumers have rated as positive the prospect of being able to have direct contact with energy suppliers through retail outlets of their own, market research conducted by Heron has shown, company officials noted.

The benefits of the move are expected to eventually outweigh the high cost of maintaining a retail network, Heron officials anticipate.

“Under normal conditions, such an investment would not be justified, but the sector is still acquiring shape and Heron is a company that has decided it wants to play a leading role,” company head Giorgos Kouvaris told energypress, adding the move will bolster the brand name and customer services offered.

An EU-imposed GDPR personal data protection regulation has limited the ability of independent energy retailers to seek new customers over the phone.