HEPI: Greece’s power cost in June below European average

Electricity prices for Athenian households dropped 2 percent in June, compared to a month earlier, according to the results of a monthly study conducted by the Household Energy Price Index, covering 33 European cities.

The cost of electricity in Athens in June remained below the European average, according to the study, which ranked the Greek capital in 18th place among the 33 European cities surveyed.

Greece’s electricity subsidy program has helped contain energy costs in Athens to levels lower than many other European cities, the HEPI results highlighted.

The cost of electricity for households in Greece last month averaged 0.233 euros per kWh, below the EU-27 average of 0.2708 euros per kWh and the average of 0.256 euros per kWh for the 33 European cities included in the HEPI survey.

Helsinki and Tallinn recorded the biggest electricity price increases in June, up 14 percent, month to month, the HEPI survey showed. Minsk, Paris and Stockholm followed with 5 percent increases. Rome was next with a 4 percent increase. Riga and London recorded 2 percent increases.

On the contrary, Amsterdam recorded the biggest electricity price reduction in June, down 11 percent, followed by Berlin (7%), Oslo (4%), Vienna (3%) and Athens (2%), the HEPI figures showed.