Heightened market activity ahead of demand-response service launch

Preparations are in full swing for the introduction of a demand-response service into the wholesale electricity market, expected to be launched in the coming weeks, initially in the balancing market, followed by other energy exchange markets.

Although this is still a relatively new service in Europe and internationally, strong interest is being expressed by participants in Greece, sources have informed.

Companies wishing to take part in the demand-response service need to take care of three key issues as part of their preparation.

Firstly, they must successfully integrate an appropriate operating system and become familiar with it, by no means an easy matter, according to the same sources.

Secondly, companies need to recruit and train appropriate personnel for this service.

A third step interested parties will need to take to complete their preparation process is to convince partners of the importance and value of the demand-response service.

According to market estimates, providers are not confronting solid resistance, but some degree of skepticism does exist, which is no surprise given the service’s novelty aspect.

According to market officials closely following the overall process, power grid operator IPTO has prepared well and is currently in the process of settling certain pending issues, including configuration of web services facilitating communication between participants and the operator.