Heightened interest expressed for demand response auctions

Industrial enterprises have expressed heightened interest in two demand response auctions scheduled for today and tomorrow.

A total of 30 participants have registered for a demand response auction today offering 600 MW at a starting price of 70,000 euros per MW for a category offering industrial players long-term notice for energy usage disruption.

A second auction offering industrial units a total of 430 MW at a starting price of 50,000 euros per MW under short-term notice terms is scheduled for tomorrow. It has attracted 12 participants.

Motor Oil and the main power utility PPC’s subsidiary Lignitiki Megalopoli, placed for sale as part of the utility’s bailout-required disinvestment of lignite units, are among the 30 participants that have registered for today’s long-term notice demand response auction. Other industrial players include Titan, Sovel, Elval, Solk, Helliniki Halyvourgia, MEL, Fibran, Halyvourgiki, Epilektos, ElvalHalcor, Halyps, ELPE, AGET Iraklis, Larco, PAKO, ELKA, Fulgor and Airliquide.

Participants for tomorrow’s short-notice demand response auction include Mytilineos, Fibran, Lignitiki Megalopoli, PPC (4 mines), Larco, Thrace Nonwoven & Geosynthetics, DAA, and Thrace Plastics.

The demand response mechanism enables major industrial enterprises to be compensated when the TSO (ADMIE/IPTO) requests that they shift their energy usage by lowering or stopping consumption during high-demand peak hours so as to balance the electricity system’s needs.