HEDNO to conduct personnel revision study for adjustments

DEDDIE/HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, plans to commission, via an upcoming tender, a human resources specialist for an overall review of the operator’s personnel situation at present and needed adjustments.

An adjustment is necessary as the company, now basing its operations on outdated ways, needs to adapt to new market conditions and service requirements, the DEDDIE/HEDNO board believes.

It has already been determined that the operator is short of engineers and other technical staff members, administration is overstaffed, and a large number of employees are approaching retirement, meaning voluntary retirement schemes could be offered.

New strategic projects planned by the operator have been a key aspect in redefining its personnel needs.

As part of its personnel upgrade effort, the operator will seek to abolish a labor-related regulation limiting the firm’s new recruits to one for every five departures. DEDDIE/HEDNO’s administration will aim for a one-for-one ratio.

The operator also faces a bailout commitment limiting its overall payroll cost to 65 percent of the amount registered in 2012. This remuneration condition was imposed on the main power utility PPC group as a whole prior to the power grid operator IPTO’s split from the parent company. DEDDIE/HEDNO, a PPC subsidiary operating independently, could seek a revision based on the resulting conditions.