HEDNO sale VDR now open to nine suitors, talks set to commence

Potential buyers of a 49 percent stake in power utility PPC subsidiary DEDDIE/HEDNO, the distribution network operator, have been given access to the operator’s video data room after signing confidentiality agreements.

PPC is now set to stage separate meetings with the suitors, nine in total, over the next 30 to 40 days, for talks, observations and negotiations leading to the establishment of a sale and purchase agreement as well as a shareholders’ agreement.

The shareholders’ agreement will stipulate the role of HEDNO’s minority partner, which, as has already been revealed, will offer the eventual buyer reinforced managerial rights, including proposal rights for the operator’s chief financial officer and chief operating officer posts on the board.

Given the pace of preceding privatizations in Greece, talks with the suitors are expected to last until the end of June, while officials are aiming for binding bids to be submitted within September.

The privatization’s nine second-round qualifiers have already begun talks for possible partnerships, between themselves and beyond.

US fund CVC Capital Partners, whose Greek portfolio has continuously grown, investments including three hospitals, Metropolitan, Iaso General and Ygeia, as well as anticipated deals for food production conglomerate Vivartia, dairy company Dodoni and insurance company Ethniki Asfalistiki, is engaged in talks with fellow US fund KKR and Australia’s Macquarie for the establishment of a consortium, it has been reported for some time now.