HEDNO board approves projects of strategic importance

The board at HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, locally acronymed DEDDIE, has classified twelve projects as strategically important in order for them to be included in the operator’s business plan.

Particular emphasis has been placed on projects that promise to help the operator adjust to the new environment in the electrical energy field, as it is being shaped internationally, through developments achieved with installations of digital power meters, use of teleservices, as well as in the effort to confront climate change.

The list of projects approved by the HEDNO board includes modernization of the networks control center for the wider Athens area; establishment of a control center for the island networks; modernization of networks in other parts of the country; installation of a geographical information system; a new customer service system; installation of a teleservice system for consumers; development of infrastructure on the non-interconnected islands; and installation of digital meters on selected islands as a pilot program.

Completion of the projects will offer consumers many important benefits, the main ones being improved energy quality and lower operational and maintenance costs, HEDNO noted.

Through the overall upgrade, HEDNO’s administration will seek to limit the need of consumers to visit the operator’s offices and instead be serviced over the telephone or online. HEDNO plans to install a new computerized customer service system by 2019 as well as three teleservice systems for Athens, Thessaloniki, and Patras, also by 2019.

HEDNO has acknowledged complicated bureaucratic procedures demanded by various state agencies for connections to networks stands as the main obstacle for progress in the teleservice field.