Grid upgrade to end network saturation in the Peloponnese

A network revamp planned by the power grid operator IPTO in the Peloponnese offers potential for further RES development in the region, currently restricted by a saturated grid, while also promising appropriate conditions for full-capacity operations at Megalopoli V, the main power utility PPC’s new gas-fired power station.

Contracts awarded for the development of an underwater power cable connection at the Rio-Antirio crossing, between the mainland and the Peloponnese, represent a pivotal step. Budgeted at 105 million euros, Corridor A, as the project has been dubbed, is scheduled for completion within 2019 and will enable electricity transmission to and from the Peloponnese.

The benefits to be offered by this project will be maximized by the development of Corridor B, to link Megalopoli, slightly southwest of central Peloponnese, Corinth and Athens. A tender is now in progress for work concerning the Megalopoli-Corinth section, expected to be completed by 2021. The Corinth-Athens segment is scheduled for completion in 2024.