Grid operator the only source of stability for PPC amid tough times

Persevering tough times with losses for 2018 reaching 542 million euros, the main power utility PPC can still count on valuable support from subsidiary firm DEDDIE/HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, possibly the utility’s only reliable source of stability at present.

PPC receives annual amounts of approximately 300 million euros from the operator, controlling the national power grid. In 2018, PPC received 272 million euros from DEDDIE/HEDNO, a slight reduction from 300.9 millions euros provided in 2017.

Like PPC, DEDDIE/HEDNO also reported losses in 2018, as well as a slight drop in revenues, down to 890.5 million euros from 895.9 million euros in 2017 million euros, which was attributed to subdued electricity demand.

Investments made by DEDDIE/HEDNO in 2018 for the development and utilization of networks reached 155.5 million euros. The length of distribution networks was increased by 331 km (medium-voltage) and 546 km (low-voltage), while 683 mid/low voltage transformers were installed and 2,271 revisions made.

The medium-voltage network has now been lengthened to a total of 112,196 km and the low-voltage network to 126,923 km, while the total number of installed transformers has risen to 164,421.