Grid overcomes Easter’s grid overload scare with little action

The country’s grid emerged untroubled by an overload scare concerning the Greek Easter long weekend, a situation prompted by the combination of high RES output, a lower-cost energy strategy planned by the grid operators, and low demand.

Overcast weather in most parts of the country restricted solar energy output, sparing power grid operator IPTO of the need to intervene in order to protect the grid from being overcharged amid low-demand conditions.

Had action been necessary, IPTO planned to orchestrate a highly complex combination of moves that would have included restricting electricity imports, deactivating as many power stations as possible and significantly cutting RES input.

As it turned out, Good Friday was the most challenging day for the grid, as cloudy weather on Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday proved pivotal in helping authorities overcome the overcharge threat.

IPTO, coordinating with distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO, only needed to make limited RES cuts.