Grid input limits for new RES and storage units discussed

Market operators have launched a consultation procedure to define energy grid input restrictions on new wind and solar energy parks, as well as energy storage units, both stand-alone and behind-the-meter, in order to make optimal use of available grid capacity and enable grid entry for as many new projects as possible.

Energy input limits were officially introduced through a legislative revision made to facilitate a second round of measures simplifying the licensing procedure for green energy investments.

Renewable energy units already operating, or either scheduled to operate or be officially declared ready-to-operate by December 31, will not be subject to the new grid input restrictions.

Power grid operator IPTO has proposed a grid input restriction representing 72 percent of full capacity for large-scale solar energy projects.

According to the proposal, wind farms installed or planned to be installed in south Evia, Crete, as well as interconnected Cyclades islands should be exempted from grid input restrictions.

Grid input restrictions for wind energy parks elsewhere should apply between 9am and 5pm, an eight-hour period when solar farms are producing at maximum levels, the operator has proposed. Penalties could be set for infringements.