Green PPAs will exceed demand, Aurora study forecasts

Supply of green PPAs (power purchase agreements) in the Greek market will exceed demand following the addition of new green megawatt hours to be added by 2030, a study conducted by Aurora Energy Research has determined.

Less than half of the green energy capacity on offer will be covered by PPAs linked to consumers wishing to secure themselves against price fluctuations or market players striving to bolster their green profiles, the study noted.

Also, the Aurora Energy Research estimated that a fair price for a seven-year bilateral agreement beginning in 2023 would be close to 50 euros per MWh for solar energy output and 60 euros per MWh for wind energy. In the case of twelve-year agreements, a reasonable price was estimated at 40 euros per MWh for solar energy and 50 euros per MWh for wind energy.

Medium and large-scale industrial consumers currently face increased pressure as a result of higher electricity costs, which has established long-term bilateral agreements as a solution, the study added.

RES projects supported by subsidies do not suffice for the country’s 2030 emission reduction targets, making PPAs a crucial factor in this effort.