Local tariffs down in March, reflecting European trend

As was the case in most parts of Europe last month, retail electricity prices also fell in Greece in March, monthly research conducted by HEPI, the Household Energy Price Index, covering 33 European cities, has shown.

The study attributed this price drop to lower wholesale electricity prices, prompted by mild weather conditions and lower demand, as well as subsidy support measures adopted by governments throughout Europe to ease the energy crisis’ cost burden on households.

In Athens, the average price of electricity tariffs, both fixed and floating, dropped by 1 percent in March, compared to February, reaching 30.48 cents per KWh, above the EU average of 27.47 cents per KWh.

According to the HEPI study, electricity tariffs in March also fell in Rome (-14%), Vienna (-8%), Talin (-7%), Copenhagen, Dublin, Madrid, Riga and Stockholm, all down 5%, while, like in Athens, tariffs also fell by 1% in Berlin, London and Oslo.

On the contrary, some cities registered electricity tariff increases. They rose 14% in Helsinki, 2% in Nicosia, and 1% in Brussels and Paris.

Athens’ average price for floating tariffs was 26.38 cents per KWh, well below an average of 32.51 cents per KWh resulting from a sample of 15 European cities, the HEPI study showed.