Greek PM’s visit to China was a huge success, says Ambassador Zhu

The Chinese Ambassador in Athens Zhu Xiaoli has characterized as a “huge success” and a “landmark in the history of the relations” with Greece, the high-range contacts and the business agreements signed during the official visit of the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in an interview with the AMNA in Beijing on Monday.
Speaking to the AMNA from Beijing, Mr Zhu stressed the necessity of a full and prompt implementation of the agreements and the hope that the collaboration with the Greek State will establish Piraeus as the most important port in Mediterranean and the whole Europe.
Asked to comment Mr Tsipras visit, the Ambassador Zhu replied that he thinks “the visit of Mr Tsipras was a huge success. I say this because I really mean it. This is a landmark in the history of our relations, because it coincides with the 10th anniversary of our strategic partnership, but also marks a new beginning  for the next decade of our relations”.
“I think the meetings were important and the agreements signed are important, but I think the most important outcome of this visit is the signal that we send to each other, that we trust you and we’ll invite you as strategic partner. I think that unless we have the mutual understanding and mutual trust everything will go bad. As we Chinese say, if you want to do business with us, first you have to build the foundations of friendship and personal relations. So I’m, very happy as Chinese ambassador, that we share thin common philosophy. This is a personal chemistry between the two business communities and I’m extremely happy that I had participated and witnessed at this hugely successful visit”, argued Mr Zhu.
To the question what he expects from now on in terms of the materialization of concrete steps after this visit, Zhu said he wished “the growing up of the follow up of this visit. Because the two sides and leaderships have reached a broad consensus  and many agreements are signed. So we must implement them fully, otherwise all these will remain empty words. So, as our Prime Minister has pointed out both sides must further the commitment that we are marching towards a new future. That Chinese investments are coming soon in Greece and we will work together with the Greek side to build the Piraeus Port as the most important one in Mediterranean and also in Europe. And Greece will be an important supporting point of the one belt and  one road strategy”.