Greek government to now seek a ‘total’ solution with creditors by end-May

Discussions at the Brussels Group will resume today aimed at some positive signals on the progress of negotiations prior to an important ECB meeting on Wednesday, where ECB could review the haircut on the collaterals that Greek banks use to receive ELA funding.

Greek government official, citing good progress over the talks between Greece and its international lenders on planned reforms, said that the government now aims for a ‘total’ solution with its international creditors with ‘interim’ steps rather than an ‘interim’ agreement that could leach to partial disbursements. Τhis total deal could be reached within May and be implemented from June onwards.

This final agreement would also cover Greece’s funding needs over 2016e and deal with the restarting of the Greek economy as well as debt restructuring.

Νote that on May 12, Greece will have to pay a €0.76bn maturing IMF loan. Especially regarding IMF, according to press reports, its representatives were heavily insisting during the weekend on pension reforms and expressed their opposition to the previous regime of collected bargaining agreements.