Greek firms to take on bulk of work for Energean’s new Prinos platform

The majority of work required for the construction of a new Energean Oil & Gas offshore drilling platform at “Epsilon”, the company’s prospective and promising satellite drilling project in the Prinos area, northern Greece, will be performed in Greece by local companies.

The prospect, to generate considerable revenues and jobs, and news on Energean’s drilling plans, including work already underway at the main Prinos deposit, were recently highlighted by Steve Moore, Energean’s Technical Director, at the “Global Oil & Gas, Black Sea and Mediterranean” conference in Athens.

Moore, a long-serving industry official whose career stretches back nearly three decades and features previous tenures at firms such as Shell and Maersk, told the Athens conference that the new drilling platform to be developed at “Epsilon”, the first to be constructed in Greece since 1977, is a project worth many millions of euros.

Energean plans to begin drilling at the “Epsilon” satellite deposit in approximately one year.

The company’s refurbishment work conducted on its recently acquired drilling rig, Energean Force, between last October and April generated revenues of nearly 10 million dollars at the Perama Shipyards, close to port-city Piraeus, and provided employment for over 300 workers. Energean purchased its drilling rig from the German firm KCA Deutag.

The latest project concerning the construction of Energean’s new drilling platform at “Epsilon” is an even bigger project, Moore told the Athens conference.