Greek economy came out of the recession in Q2, Chouliarakis says

Greece will achieve its primary surplus goals set in this year’s budget, Deputy Finance Minister George Chouliarakis said on Thursday.
 Speaking in Parliament, Chouliarakis stressed that the government was working for recovery, growth and attracting investments while it was promoting institutional changes in the market and the economy.
 Commenting on Hellenic Statistical Authority, Houliarakis said that following an agreement signed last summer there were guarantees and that its independence was safeguarded. “The government has full confidence in Hellenic Statistical Authority and Eurostat data. The June agreement guarantees and safeguards the independence of Hellenic Statistical Authority,” Chouliarakis said.
 “The Greek economy came out of the recession in the second quarter of 2016,” he said, adding: “There is no time for jubilation when the economy remains in a stalemate, even after a deep recession”. Houliarakis said that the Greek economy proved more resilient with a recession of 0.9 pct in the first half, adding that the economy was moving in line with the Finance ministry’s prediction. He noted that the only realistic goal to achieve a 2.0 pct growth rate was to attract foreign private investments. “This means institutional changes in the market, in the economy and in justice,” Chouliarakis said.
 He said that the Finance ministry will launch a  pilot programme to save funds which will pave the way for lower taxes and higher social spending.