Greek-Bulgarian interconnection agreement nearing finalization

Preparations leading to the finalization of an interconnection agreement between DESFA, Greece’s Natural Gas Transmission System Operator, and the grid operator’s Bulgarian counterpart, Bulgartransgaz, are proceeding at a rapid pace through ongoing meetings and contact.

A European network code for interoperability and data exchange, which will allow uninterrupted flow of natural gas in all directions around the continent, depending on network needs, will be implemented within the first six months of 2016.

This code requires that Greece and Bulgaria reach an interconnection agreement,   facilitating two-way natural gas flow between the two neighbouring countries, while also offering access to other countries.

DESFA and Bulgartransgaz held a series of meetings in 2014 to work on the interconnection agreement as well as other European code systems concerning interconnections between EU member states, especially capacity allocation. The aim of interconnection agreements is to ensure supply security for consumers.

As part of its lead-up, DESFA completed all necessary infrastructure adjustments, to allow for interconnection with Bulgaria, last May.

Finalization of the interconnection agreement between DESFA and Bulgartransgaz will represent a major step towards the natural gas market’s integration in southeast Europe, the aim being to further promote bilateral trade and boost supply security in the region, an official at Greece’s grid operator told energypress.